New 2016年 ヘルメットの紹介

動画 ファビアン&ズーバブ


Dear Friends,

By clicking these links, you will discover here above an interview between Fabien Barel and Zoobab (the creator and designer of Urge helmets that some of you met during last Eurobike's show). Fabien and Zoobab exchange arguments and impressions about each helmet of the range.
Take a look and enjoy. I hope you'll like them.

Down O Matic:


DirtO Matic :

Endur O Matic:



Linen fiber Down-o-Matic


I wish you a good day and a great week
Take care







2010インターバイクにて ファビアンがURGEヘルメットの解説をしています。